Dusan Ignjatovic

Senior Architect, Construction Expert & LEED GA – Partner

Dusan Ignjatovic was born in Belgrade, in 1969, where he finished his primary and secondary school. The Faculty of Architecture, at the University of Belgrade, he enrolled in 1989. and he graduated in 1996. He got, in the sam eyear, the Award for the best generation student at the University of Belgrade.

In 1998 got the Professional exam for graduate architect. Since 2003 is a member of Serbian Chamber of Engineers, with a License of Responsible Designer for Architectural projects, Site plan projects, Interior plumbing and sewer projects (License number: 300 M547 13). In 2006 got the ITC Licensed Thermographer, a License for Thermal imaging. 

In 2011 got the „LEED GA“ (LEED Green Associate) title, that enable the professional to lead the Building to be Certified under the „Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design“ (LEED)  - „United States Green Building Council“ (USGBC) Certification system.

In 2012 got the Licence of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers for the responsible Engineer for Energy Efficiency.

He start his career as design architect in the largest architectural company in Serbia, „Energoprojekt“ in 1996. After, in 1997 he start to work at the Faculty of Architecture, as a member of different creative teams continuously engaged in professional artistic work in the field of architectural, urban design and interior design. Those activities include making the main and preliminary projects, design studies, tender papers in Serbia and abroad. A number of projects has been exhibited and in the framework of national and international exhibitions.
During his professional artistic work made by the extensive body of work that is characterized by 27 realised buidlings, 2 still under construction and 17 interiors. The mot of realized buildings and interiors, are built abroad in Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Russia ecc.

At the same time, an assistant professor Dusan Ignjatovic participates in national and international architectural and urban planning competitions which recorded notable results. During his practice he participated in 12 competitions where noted: 1 first prize, three second prizes, 3 special prizes and the two contest works were selected in the final round of judging (granted to only one award). 

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