Djordje Nikolic

CO – Founder

Djordje Nikolić is an architect with experience in buildings design of different purpose (residential, business, commercial, religious, touristic, and other), and also the development of urban planning design, urban design and interior design projects.

He provides the preparation for the project documentation of architectural projects (for the conceptual design phase, preliminary design, for details, and construction design projects) for the legalization of buildings and also for the documentation for urban design projects and interiors.

All those kinds of buildings, with their design, organization and materialization, are adapted to new Energy Efficiency & Green Buildings standards, as can be seen from the results of the ISOVER competition and buildings on which are applied YTONG standards. 

In the previous years he worked in P.R. China, in „Aerolab International“ office in Changzhou City (in 2010), than in a well known architecture-urban planning office „Žugaj Inženjering“ in Belgrade (2011-2013) and later in an Serbo-Italian company „Energo Energy Efficiency Engineering“ (from 2013 to 2015). In the course of his work he has collaborated with engineers and associates from all fields that are relevant to complete the, necessary, buildings documentation.

Both, in 2009 and 2010. got the 2 and 3 prize on the International student competition "ISOVER- MULTI COMFORT HOUSE," with other members of the project team.

He is now one of the key co-founders of „TNT Architects.“

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