About us

TNT Architects is an architecture studio founded by partners Petar Tufegdžić, Đorđe Nikolić and Dušan Trifunović in 2015.

Our group is from the early beginning formed and strongly supported by Mario Jobst, one of the most famous serbian architects, and also by the Construction expert & LEED GA Dušan Ignjatović and PhD Đorđe Alfirević.

TNT is a group of professionals always open to new tasks and challenges, starting from 45 to more than 5 years of experience in architectural design, construction, consulting and other fields. We know all about the design and construction process from our own practice.

The direct dialogue with our clients allows us to be both accompanying the design and construction process and to be quickly and reliably operating. In addition to these activities, our studio also deals with the study and preparation of the project documentation of mechanical engineering, thanks to Orbal Corp. It also includes the study and preparation of drawings required for the tender, as well as preparation of all drawings required.

Our studio is known for architecture works that are a timeless manifestations of place, at once distinctive and modern while always thoughtful about the site, function and environment. We apply in all our work the most advanced techniques, valuing all the creation processes and making it in the way to be distinctive and unique, delivering innovative solutions that are contextually solved, commercially grounded and environmentally conscious.

Our team